University of Nantes (UN), FRANCE

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Lionel Lemiale

I am Dr. Lionel LEMIALE, Associate professor of Economics at the University of Nantes, and I succeeded to Thomas VALLEE as the coordinator of this Erasmus + Capacity Building project. I am, also, the coordinator of Erasmus+ co-funded European project, GREENCAP.

My research fields is related to environmental economics and is linked to the scientific goals of WANASEA.

My role is to supervise and coordinate the implementation of all activities of WANASEA.

I am Stéphane LAGREE, French geographer. I am working on Social Sciences fields, Research and Development and Capacity Building in Higher Education since more than 20 years.

I am co-editor of the WANASEA project submitted to the EU. Since 2007, we have developed a regional training platform in social sciences and networking entitled « Tam Dao Days” (

I am the International Coordinator of WANASEA Project based for UN at GASS (Hanoi, Vietnam)

The Graduate Academy of Social Sciences (GASS), VIETNAM

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I’m Diep Anh from Graduate Academy of Social Sciences (Hanoi, Vietnam) and working mainly in project administration and management.

I have these competences that are “perfect” for the project, or My research field/specialty is linked to wanasea.
Experienced in similar project called JTD summer school, I’m confident that my skills in project management and administration will help implementing succesfully Wanasea.

My contributions will be to do this, to help on that I will be mainly, along with my coworkers, in charge of implemeting all activites of GASS assigned by the project and also participate in management of the project’s activities in Asia.

École française d’Extrême-Orient (EFEO), FRANCE

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I am Olivier Tessier, doctor in Anthropology and tropical agricultural engineer (specialty : “Water social management”). I am assistant professor at École francaise d’Extrême Orient, currently working at EFEO center of HCM city.

I have these competences that are “perfect” for the project, or My research field/specialty is linked to wanasea.
For several years, I have been developing a research program on the social and political management of water in Red River and Mekong deltas. My field experiences and my dual background allow me to understand the issue of water management, which is at the heart of the WANASEA project, from a social and technical point of view.

My contributions will be to do this, to help on that As part of the “Asean Water Platform”, I am leader of Workshop 4. “Training for Field Study: Social and Economic Management of Water”.

Institut de recherche pour le Développement (IRD), FRANCE

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I am Alexis Drogoul, senior researcher in computer modeling at IRD and currently representative of IRD for Vietnam and Philippines.

My research field, which is about developing computer models of complex socio-ecological systems for decision support, has a number of links with the main themes of WANASEA, including water management, risk management, and so on.

My job mainly consists in organizing workshops about modeling and simulation during the AWP schools and in training future trainers (from Asian partners) on these topics.

I am Nabil EL KENTE, currently working at Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD) in France where i am in charge of trainings and network animation of research communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

I have both a molecular biology and a scientific communication background, and for 5 years i have been in charge of an IRD program building young research teams in the South.
I have expertise in: Setting-up and management of capacity building projects, training and workshop organization, Scientific communication and Intercultural interactions.

IRD is the leader of the WP5 “Network Identification and Animation” in touch with GASS, EFEO and UN. My contribution will be to understand who’s doing what in Wanasea and communicating in on the website, then through webinars putting in touch different actors of Wanasea.

Center for Research and Expertise on Education and Development (CREED), FRANCE

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I’m Dr Benjamin Buclet, socio-economist, CEO and founder of the Center for Research and Expertise on Education and Development (CREED, France), where we develop and implement projects linking production of knowledge to processes of change.

I got involved in WANASEA because it is a perfect example of what CREED promotes in the area of international cooperation: joining together a variety of stakeholders, with different interests and knowledge, around crucial issues for development, such as water and natural resources management.

I’ll be in charge of the elaboration, organization and realization of 5 training workshops targeted to WANASEA’s members staff.

The University of Southern Denmark Department of Environmental and Business Economics (SDU), DENMARK

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I’m Niels Vestergaard, Professor in Resource Economics, at University of Southern Denmark (SDU). Currently i’m also Head of Department for Sociology, Environmental and Business Economics.

I’m in Wanasea because our expertise in Resource and maritime economics and management fits very well with the purpose of the project. And the project will also give us a lot insight in a range of very interesting research questions and options for collaborative research projects.

My job in Wanasea is as member of the PMB to oversee the progress of the project. I will also secure that SDU provide what is need to make the project a success.

I am Dewan Ahsan, currently holding the position of Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology, Environmental and Business Economics (SEBE), University of Southern Denmark (SDU).

I love networking and to be involved with multidisciplinary research activities. My vast teaching and research experiences (in the field of natural resource management) from South, South-East Asia and Europe will significantly contribution to fulfill the WANASEA’s project objective.

I would like to contribute in WANASEA as a trainer and organizer of workshop sessions. Besides these activities, I will work to develop and update the MSc and PhD curriculums and extend my research network in ASEAN countries.

Universitat de Barcelona (UB), SPAIN

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Miquel Salgot, Dr. in Pharmacy, Associated Professor of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry at the University of Barcelona

My research field is linked to Wanasea through my research and teaching on wastewater management, advanced treatment and reuse, as well as non-conventional water management and environmental health

My contributions will be
WP1: collaboration in the management of the project as requested
WP2: identification of possible stakeholders and analysis of existing courses in Spain and collaboration in WNRM assessments
WP3: improve quality of teaching and research in WNRM tough training sessions; if decided receive the partners in the UB
WP5: participation in the networking
WP7: collaboration in the contents of the website

Institut de Technologie du Cambodge (ITC), CAMBODIA

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I am Kong Chhuon a member of Project Management Board of WANASEA project and a project coordinator of partner institution

Representing the project partner from ITC to coordinate the implementation of the WANASEA project activity which ITC takes responsibility based on assigned work-package and partnership agreement.

Royal University of Law and Economics (RULE), CAMBODIA

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Laurent Messman

National University of Management (NUM), CAMBODIA

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I am Mr SENG Bunthoeun, currently working at the National University of Management Kingdom of Cambodia and taking care of this and that areas such as International Relations, Career placement and Library.

I have read all and much involved this project. I found that It is so important to be part of it. Moreover, I have these competences that are potential to make this project ( wanasea )more “perfect”.

My role in this wanasea is project management board(PMB).

I am Mrs. LY Sokunthy currently working as a project officer at National University of Management and responsible for WANASEA and DOCKSIDE project.

I am currently working for DOCKSIDE Project (DOCtoral program in Khmer universities Strengthening the International Development of Environmental and maritime research) which is also co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme. With experience in DOCKSIDE project, I am familiar and perfect to work for WANASEA project and to strengthen the production, management and outreach capacities of research in the field of WAter and NAtural resources in South-East Asia

My contribution will be to successfully and smoothly complete work packages leaded by NUM and also help other partners completing their work packages successfully as well as to help the whole project reaching the greatest benefits for all the partners.

Thammasat Business School, Thammasat University (TU), THAILAND

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I am Ruth Banomyong, currently working at Thammasat Business School, Thammasat University in Thailand. I am not in charge of anything apart from teaching and doing research

My expertise is in logistics and supply chain management in ASEAN. I offer a regional perspective on these issues.

My responsibility is WP7 which related to the E-platform of dissemination of WANASEA activities

My name is Nathakrit. I work as a researcher at Centre for Logistics Research of Thammasat University, Bangkok, Thailand.
My research field is related to logistics and supply chain in ASEAN. The WANASEA project focuses in ASEAN countries.
I’m responsible for the dissemination of WANASEA activities on the website.

Regional Center for Social Science and Sustainable Development (RCSD), Faculty of Social Sciences, Chiang Mai University (CMU), THAILAND

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I am Chayan Vaddhanaphuti, Director of Regional Center for Social Science and Sustainable Development (RCSD), Faculty of Social Sciences, Chiang Mai University.

I have been working on ethnicity, development, resource management, and other related issues, and have worked to promote the intersection between social science and development. My contribution for this project will involve Work Package 4: Capacity Building of Students. I am committed to supporting the team for the achievement of this project.


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Nguyen Vo Chau Ngan, Vice Head,Department of International Relations,Cantho University, Vietnam

I am Nguyen Vo Chau Ngan (Mr.), currently I am working at the International Relations Office – Can Tho University to support for administration works of international projects, both on scientific research or human resources capacity.

More important, my background is Water Resources Engineering, so that I hope to learn more about profesional knowledges from our partners.

Related to my work, I support to Wanasea project on administration activities.

Vietnam Maritime University (VMU), VIETNAM

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My name is Tran The Nam, working for International Relations Department of Vietnam Maritime University that is fully in charge of this project and other overseas cooperation programs.

WANASEA is one of programs of ERAMUS that our department is very interested in and expects to connect to. I am very proud to be assigned to take responsibility for managing all activities of this project.

I will take responsibility for selecting/supporting the suitable staffs/students for each activities of this project, specially elaborating, organizing one training course on ” Improve quality of teaching and research support for WNRM” conducted at our university in 2020

Hopefuly, the above will meet your requirements and please let me know your comment if any.


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I have worked in education field for 22 years, being Assoc.Prof for 7 years, being through many management positions as Dean of International School of Maritime Education, Vice Dean of Faculty of Business, Head of Logistics and Supply Chain Division, Director of Japan-Mekong Logistics Training Centre, and now Im working in RMIT Vietnam as Research Manager and PhD Programs Manager.

As a researcher, Im in many different research projects. Wanasea is one of them, because of my interest in water and natural resource management issues.
Therefore when Thomas invited to be a partner I took the invitation.

Im the Package 2 Leader (WP2), in which the Team of WP2 should figure out the gap in training in water and natural resource in three countries: Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia through a survey and two day workshop in RMIT Vietnam with different stakeholders: Universities, Government, industries, NGOs, etc.